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Dealers Truck

AT80R Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

The AT80R, is the most popular aluminum rectangular tank. The 80 gallon rectangular tank is constructed from .125 gauge aluminum and is fully baffled. Comes standard with driver's side fill neck. The body of the tank is 18" tall x 18" wide x 60" tall.

This is the largest capacity tank that will fit a full size diesel short bed truck.

CAPACITY: 80 gallons

MATERIAL: .125 gauge aluminum/ fully baffled

DIMENSIONS: 18" tall x 18" wide x 60" long

FILL NECK: Driver side fuel fill neck with locking fuel cap

FUEL TYPE: Diesel fuel only

BED TYPE: LONG/Short bed Ford, Dodge, and GM **NOTE: Tank will be notched for Short Bed Dodge

NOTE: Add 1.5” (front & rear) to the width of the tank for the hold down tabs.