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Dealers Truck

HOLLAND FW2800 and 2900

The HOLLAND FW2800 and 2900 elevating terminal tractor fifth wheels are designed to convert a standard road tractor into a low cost, efficient yard spotter for switching and hauling in demanding applications such such as railyard, piggyback or marine terminal operations.
With HOLLAND's In-Cab Air Release System, drivers can quickly and safely control the uncoupling process from within the cab. It is simple, easy to operate, safe, and can also be operated manually at any time.

The FW2800/2900 features: Mov-On technology for yard spotting applications; a forged, machined, and heat-treated steel lock jaw; air release technology from within the cab for quick and safe control throughout trailer uncoupling process; and cast-in grease grooves
for extended grease life and easy application.

LOAD CAPACITY: 50,000 Vertical Load (Single Cylinder)
100,000 Vertical Load (Twin Cylinder)