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Claire Simmons and Carl White established Auto Crane Company in 1958 to manufacture a small crane designed to handle rock bits for Hughes Tool Company. The Auto Crane name evolved from the fact the cranes were originally placed inside the trunks of automobiles.

During the first 27 years in business, Auto Crane focused solely on the development and expansion of the telescoping crane line, offering cranes that could lift as much as three tons. In 1985, Auto Crane introduced their first service body designed exclusively for use with a telescoping crane. These extraordinarily robust bodies were designed specifically to support the enormous stress demands inflicted by the crane when in operation. Together, this crane and body combination gave the mechanic the ability to transport all the necessary equipment required to complete a repair in the field. Because of this, mechanics were able to service equipment safer and more efficiently than ever before, drastically reducing costly downtime.

Continually striving to provide new and innovative products to the market, Auto Crane has introduced a number of new cranes over the years. Providing both electric and hydraulic cranes, Auto Crane now offers models with the capability of lifting 14,000 pounds. Additionally, Auto Crane introduced the revolutionary Titan crane body in 2003. This patented design has changed the way the industry looks at crane bodies; representing yet another reason Auto Crane maintains the number one market position in the industry today. In early 2009, Auto Crane expanded their body line by introducing the Titan Service Body; the reconfigured “Titan” and the “Titan Elite” crane service body product line.

In October of 2009, the Auto Crane subsidiary of Ramsey Industries introduced the “NexStar” totally proportional crane control system.