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B&W Hitches


B&W insists on American-made steel, like the sheet steel they buy from U.S. Steel out of Gary, IN or the round bar that becomes the gooseneck ball made at a mill in Norfolk, NE. In a product where the strength and flexibility of the steel can mean life or death, they trust the U.S. steel mills with their finely controlled processes and specifications they can trust. A hitch is only as good as the welds holding it together. They insist on making those welds under their roof. And the hard-working, skilled Americans that make the welds do so according to the ASTM Welding Standard (American Society for Testing and Materials). They wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Buyers Products


Established in 1946 as a distributor of truck and trailer components, Buyers Products has grown to become a leading manufacturer of products for the mobile equipment industry. Today, Buyers vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities include Forging, Stamping, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Robotic Welding, Rotational Molding, Powder Coating, Assembly and Retail Oriented Packaging. Buyers key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development.



SAF-HOLLAND USA has been in business for nearly 100 years. Although acquisition and mergers have changed the names over the last 20 years, their products and history are tied to historical names such as Holland Hitch, Binkley, Neway and more recently, The Holland Group. Today as SAF-HOLLAND, they are an international company with products in every corner of the world. Their customers can be assured that they will continue to evolve their business so that they can best serve them in the most efficient customer focus manner with the best products and services possible.