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Dealers Truck

Liftmoore 6036DX

36,000 FT.- LB. Moment Rating  and  6,000 Lb. Max Capacity.

● Full power extension from 10ft to 22ft.

● Continuous and unlimited power rotation.

● Rotates on Gear Bearing slewing ring.

● Power elevation from -5 degrees to + 75 degrees.

● Anti two-block and pressure switch are standard.

● Planetary gear driven winch with 2.5 Hp series wound motor

● 90ft of 5/16"  6X36 wire rope with 10,540 lbs breaking strength

● All cylinders incorporate an integrally mounted counterbalance valve for safety.

● Optional wireless radio controls are available. (wireless controls  

   maintain the use of the standard  wired pendant control)