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Dealers Truck


The HOLLAND FW16 combines LowLube green technology lube plates with the lightweight precision casting of the FW17 to eliminate the need for grease on the top plate surface. Polymer Lube Plates completely eliminate the need for grease on top plate surface. The FW16 LowLube Fifth Wheel provides a cost-effective, environmentally conscious choice for on-highway fleets that want distinctive performance with reduced lubrication requirements.

Added benefits of the HOLLAND FW16 LowLube
• Reduces costly lubrication and labor therein improving productivity for shops and drivers.
• Green technology helps keep harmful grease chemicals from contaminating environment and shops.
• Helps meet CSA requirements and prevents costly citations and fines for excess grease on drive axles and frame.
• Promotes OSHA safety and chemical recommendations.
• Increases steer tire life and reduces scrub wear by providing a consistently “slippery” surface between top plate and trailer bolster plate.
• Designed for compatibility with lubricants used in mixed fleets.