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Dealers Truck


The Holland FW33 Series combines the proven reliability of the Holland FW35 Series top plate with the innovation of patented HOLLAND LowLube technology to provide a grease-free fifth wheel. The FW33 Series eliminates the use of grease on the top plate surface and between the top plate and bracket.

Benefits of a HOLLAND LowLube Fifth Wheel:
- Reduces lubrication cost and time
- Extends maintenance intervals and improves shop productivity
- Maintains consistent steer effort, even in sharp turns, to help reduce steer tire scrub/wear
- Keeps shops safe and clean while helping to meet EPA regulations
- Preserves the environment and prevents excess grease citations and fines
- Improves driver productivity – no re-greasing on the road while providing a smoother, more fluid ride and constant feel for the way the trailer pulls

The FW33 Series fifth wheel is available with a variety of options and accessories. See all available options and accessories for the FW33 in the right-hand column.

An over-the-road, semi-oscillating fifth wheel with LowLube technology.
LOAD CAPACITY: 55,000 lbs. Vertical Load
PULL CAPACITY: 150,000 lbs. Drawbar Pull