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Dealers Truck

Whelen B6T Series

Tailboard lighting designed for use in NFPA 1901 Lighting Packages, these beacons combine 360° warning with directional lower level lighting in a single fixture.

  • 700 Series directional lighthead in Linear Super-LED, Scenelight or brake/ tail/turn with built-in electronic flasher.
  • Built-in flasher has 14 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, Hi/Low intensity, built-in cruise light mode on LED beacon, steady-burn and synchronization feature available.
  • Casting mounts to a flat surface fast and simple using three Fastex™ screw grommets and three #10 fasteners.
  • Polished finish on heavy-duty cast aluminum housing.
  • When used as a pair with red rotators alone, meets NFPA photometric requirements for Zone C, Upper.
  • Fixture for combination/flat/permanent mounting, offers economy installation and eliminates body panel cutouts for directional lightheads.
  • Domes and lenses for NFPA application in red, amber or blue only. Refer to our NFPA 1901 Specification Lighting Packages booklet for further details.
  • Dual rotating halogen reflector and Linear Super-LED directional 700 Series lighthead.
  • The rotating beacon has a rotator assembly with precision double ball bearing design for superior long-life performance.
  • Redesigned parabolic reflector for increased light output and a steel base plate for optimum shock mounting and durability.
  • Rotating beacon uses a snap-in 50 Watt halogen lamp.
  • Three year warranty on motor assembly.
  • Available in 12 or 24 VDC.