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Dealers Truck

Flash Premium Aluminum Tarp Covering System

Premium, high-gloss aluminum pivot arm system with stamped steel spring enclosure for dump bodies up to 23’. Includes direct drive motor, rotary switch, 10 flat-coil springs and extruded aluminum roller bar. Underbody 22-coil spring mount and 30º arm bend available.

Standard Features:

  • Super strong stamped steel spring enclosures protect springs from rocks, mud and debris!
  • Engineered for durability and an ultra-high safety factor!
  • 2-part stamping process eliminates welds!
  • Professional, high-polish zinc protective coating!
  • 5-springs per side ensures your load is secure!
  • Grade 8 spring pin won’t break!
  • Fits all dump bodies up to 23’!
  • Upper bolt slot simplifies arm installation

Optional Upgrades:

  • Tarp Housing or Wind Deflector
  • Pivot Arm Rests