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Dealers Truck

RC 40 Hydraulic Driven Reciprocating

Air Compressor

  • Reciprocating type
  • Integral hydraulic oil cooler
  • Available with open or closed hydraulic manifold block
  • V-Belts driven by hydraulic motor
  • Added features:
    • Powder-coated, galvanneal sheetmetal enclosure
    • Designed with (3) v-belts for maximum productivity
    • Rugged, cast-iron crankcase
    • Corrosion-resistant steel valves
    • Tapered roller-type main bearings
    • Balanced crankshaft
    • Weight-matched balanced pistons
    • High-flow valves
    • Lightweight connecting rods
    • Integrated hydraulic cooler
    • Open and closed center
  • Supply connections:
    • Hydraulic oil in – 3/4” 37° JIC
    • Hydraulic oil out – 1” 37° JIC
    • Case drain – 1/4” 37° JIC
  • Electrical 12-volt DC or 24 volt
  • Vibration isolation for air compressor and drive system for quiet operation

Air Compressor Control System

  • Integral on-off manifold with solenoid diverter valve and hydraulic pressure relief valves

Safety Equipment

  • Air pressure-relief safety valve
  • Hydraulic oil pressure-relief valve


  • Filter/lubricator/regulator (FLR)
  • Air hoses, hose reels, and fittings
  • 20, 30, or 60 gallon air reservoirs


Vanair highly recommends consulting a hydraulic supply expert for specifying the correct hydraulic pump size and type, oil reservoir size, hydraulic oil cooler, hydraulic pressure relief, and other hydraulic supply components for your application. Please take into consideration the following:

  • The hydraulic flow and pressure requirements of the air compressor
  • Keep in mind that when the compressor is running there is a continuous hydraulic load
  • The duty cycle and ambient operating temperatures
  • Other hydraulic equipment which may share the same hydraulic supply system (Vanair recommends a dedicated pump and hydraulic circuit)

*Allow for adequate ventilation