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Dealers Truck

Value-Master X Platform Bodies


Need a versatile platform body that can handle just about anything you want to haul?  The Value-Master X is the right choice for you.

Knapheide's Value-Master X is the value priced heavy duty platform.  The Value-Master X is available in a wide variety of lengths, ranging from 7' all the way up to 26' and can be upfit to a wide range of chassis applications as well.  The PVMX is Knapheide's most popular platform.  From hay bales to bricks, the Value-Master X has hauled it all.  With durable floor choices ranging from wood to apitong to smooth steel to treadplate overlay, this platform comes with enough different options to make it suitable for your application.  Round this body off with a Knapheide Roughneck Underbody Toolbox and a durable bulkhead and you will be hauling in no time.